Scubapro Seawing Nova Dive Fin Review

The Scubapro Seawing Nova It is with a heavy heart that I recently made my first fin change in over 20 years. For decades, I’ve been diving in what I believe is the best dive fin ever produced; the Apollo Prestige. It’s perfect in nearly every way, but when Apollo … Continue reading

Everybody’s an “expert” on diving message boards…

Don’t believe everything you read on scuba diving message boards I hate to be negative, but some of the most ridiculous things I have ever read about diving come from message boards. This is especially true at the technical level. For example, I read a lengthy thread a few nights ago … Continue reading

Is Diving The SS President Coolidge Safe?

I just came across a blog by a diver in Australia (Read it here). He’s an interesting guy, with obviously a lot of experience. Initially, I stumbled across it trying to find out how much actual diving experience Dave Shaw had prior to losing his life in a South African … Continue reading

No Stop vs. No Decompression. Which is correct?

Should no-decompression diving be renamed no-stop diving? Earlier, I was semi-involved in a discussion about terminology regarding no-decompression diving, or diving within the no decompression limits (NDL) that define sport or recreational diving. I suggested that every dive is a decompression dive. I’m not the first to make that assertion. … Continue reading

Logging Your Dives Online – 3 Top Dive Logging Websites

In the early days of dive computers, uploading dive data to a personal computer wasn’t even on the radar. My first dive computer was an Oceanic Datamax Sport, a solid computer that was compact, easy to read and simple to operate. It would store quite a few dives, but didn’t … Continue reading